• Passion for the hashin'

      As a part of our commitment to health and sustainability, EPC uses entirely solventless methods to extract our concentrates. Using techniques including ice, water, heat and pressure methodologies, our extracts are all hand-made with terpenes and cannabinoids preserved and extracted to their highest potential. EPC employs techniques from ancient Lebanon, Morocco, and Nepal to create hash and rosins as they were meant to be experienced, offering consumers a cannabis encounter unlike any other.

      Temple Ball Hash

      • Versatile: Smoke it, dab it, roll it... pair it with your favorite flower and enjoy!
      • 1000+ year history and tradition
      • Made only from full flower or whole plants
      • Full melt and full spectrum
      • Solventless hash
      • Meant to be aged: For best results, re-roll into a ball after use.

      Bubble Hash

      • Solventless alternative to BHO, CO2, etc.
      • Ice water extracted, dried, and cured
      • Meant to be dabbed: press into a thin patty between your fingers or parchment
      • Can also pair with your favorite flower
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